Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Truth About Leprachauns

Centre of old town Square Parague 

Typical tourist.. camera ready !
The Truth About Leprachauns.

Hello hello hello. Everytime I begin these blogs I feel like Marty Whelan (Irish TV Commentator) as he broadcasts from the Eurovision. “Hello to you all from (Insert obscure city that nobody has ever heard of!)”

Here I am in Vienna. Since I last spoke to you, I experienced all that Prague has to offer! After my delay and stopover in Berlin, I caught a train to Prague on Monday morning. Exploring that city was great! It’s really incredible. Not only is the architecture beautiful, but there’s a cool vibe about the place! What really did it for me however, was the train ride to Prague. The countryside that the train passed through between Dresden and Prague was absolutely amazing. A big river, forests for miles, houses built into the mountainside and of course, the mountains! Talk about awe inspiring. I sat there, wide eyed, mouth open, simply watching it all unfold before my eyes. The train wasn’t too hot either, but that was probably all my drool cooling me down. I joke! But not about the landscape! That really was incroyable!! It reminded my of Irelands rugged natural beauty! Fair enough, the sun may not be shining as much as it was en route to Prague, and if you wish to sunbathe, you may have to do so in 6 minute shifts in between the wind and rain! Yet what better way to experience Ireland than in it’s natural, regular climate. Who needs the Sun. Puuuuhlease!

Again though, I’m not joking! Biased as I may be, Ireland has some of the most mesmerizing natural beauty in all the world. Admittedly, we have a very green image abroad. It sort of ties in with the Leprachauns doesn’t it!? Well, you won’t find any of those little fellas. They only appear to the locals. NOTE*

Whether it’s the green fields you want to see, or our jagged cliffs and wild beaches that lie hidden across our coastline, Ireland has it all for you! This may be of service to you.

So this morning I departed Prague for Vienna! One more train, one more city! I’m getting near the end now. It’s crazy how fast these 3 weeks have gone. It’s feel like yesterday I was grunting down a phone to win tickets to the Olympics. That’s a smashing nostalgic memory isn’t it?

I love it when a hostel is easy to get to! Really makes travelling all the less stressful. Although, as I write this I can already sense the guys in Isaacs thinking “Lazy Bugger!” However, once off the train in Vienna, a quick metro and a 2 minute walk and there I was lying on a bed, chilling out, listening to two Australian girls debating whether or not they would need Havaianas Flip Flops before they leave for the Middle East. This is the good life.....!

Two nights await me here in the home of ….. Wait a second, what is Vienna famous for? JazzI better go find out! Until next time kids, same bat time, same bat channel!

NOTE* You’re really not that gullible are you? Just in case, I  had best clarify, there are no such things as Leprachauns. The Green Fields we do have though!

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